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Vol. 7, Issue 1, January 2018

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International Conference on Advances in Computational Techniques and Research Practices

3rd & 4th February 2017

Organized by: 

 Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Noida Institute of Engineering & Technology, Greater Noida

Comparative Study of Efficient Storage Techniques in Cloud Computing

Mamta, Fatima, Mr. Mayank Deep Khare, Dr. Chandra Shekhar Yadav

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A Review: Greatly Reliable and Low Latency Optimization in CloudServer Along With Network

Fatima Abdullah, Mamta, Rahul Kumar Sharma, Pradeep Kumar

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Big Data Analysis

Akanksha Paul, Harsh Raj Vardhan, Rishabh Kumar, Pragya

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WinkShare: A Social Media Imaging Tool

Sanjay Rao, Rahul Kumar, Niharika Srivastava, Pragya Kamal

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A Review on Android Security Threats

Abhishek Tiwari, Mansi Mishra, Pragya Kamal, Mayank Deep Khare

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Optimal PMU Placement in 14 Bus System using Integer Linear Programming

Arindam Chowdhury, Neha Sahu, Shimi S.L

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Software Production Issues: Analysis and Categorisation

Aishwarya Vatsa, Shiv Kumar

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Network and Transport Layer Attacks in Ad-hoc Network

Chitvan Gupta, Dr. Prashant Singh, Dr. Rajdev Tiwari

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Concept of Rough Set Theory and its Applications in Decision Making Processes

Pooja Chaturvedi, A K Daniel, Kumari Khusboo

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An Evaluation of Queuing Delay in the Latency of Internet Network Architecture

Rahul Kumar Sharma, Pragya Kamal, Mayank Deep khare, Amrendra Singh Yadav

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Smart Adhaar Card with RFID

Nawal Kishor, Kalpana Dwivedi, Veer Bhadra Pratap Singh Yadav

Abstract | PDF with Text

Paper Battery: A Biodegradable Resource for Future Generation

Aryan Sukhija, Kalpana Dwivedi, Sanjay Nayak

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A Survey on Cloud Computing Security Issues

Mehak Choudhary, Mohit Choudhary, Twinkle Tyagi

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Improved Codebook design for Vector Quantization on Orthogonal Polynomials based Transform Coding

Prof. Zainul Abdin Jaffery, Dr. Laxman Singh, Nadeem Ahmad

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Environmental Sustainability and Green Policies of ICT Industry

Krati Bansal, Pratik Kurle, Dr. Priyanka Chawla

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A Comparitive Study of different Load Balancing Algorithms for Cloud Computing

Mehak Choudhary, Dr. Deepti Gupta, Dimple Chandra, Chitvan Gupta

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A Literature Survey on Secure Gateway Discovery in MANET

Aanjey Mani Tripathi, Sarvpal Singh, Rahul Kumar Sharma

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Recent Advancements in EEG Signal Acquisition and Processing Techniques: A Review

Anurag Verma, Dr. Laxman Singh, M. Hari

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Geographical Health Analysis Using Wavelet Tree

Dharmendra Kumar, Divakar Yadav, Arun Yadav, Sonam Gupta

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Axial Ratio Bandwidth Enhancement of Micro Strip Patch Antenna with Circular Slot and Square Ring

Chandan Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar Raghuwanshi, R.K. Yadav

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Analysis of Various threats to online transactions

Shama Parveen, Amrendra Singh Yadav

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Texture and Color based Image Retrieval using Gray Level Co-Occurrence Matrix

Ayushi Jain, Hemlata Agrawal

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Performance Analysis of Various Sorting Algorithms

Deepak Kumar Pathak, Vivek Kumar Sharma, Mansi Rastogi

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Quality Estimation based Multi-Sensors Data Fusion in Wireless Sensor Network: Review

Soni Chaurasia, Renu Chaurasia, Bhupendera Kumar, Rahul Kumar Sharma

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Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANETs): A Survey on Security issues and challenges

Lavanya Sharma, Sunil Kumar Bharti, Dileep Kumar Yadav

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Data Validation by FIS for Heavy Metal Ions Removal Using Husk of Cajanus Cajan in Aqueous Solution

Amrita Kaushik, B.S. Chauhan, Rajdev Tiwari

Abstract | PDF with Text

Object Detection for Autonomous Vehicles

Abhinav Choudhary, Amrendra Singh Yadav, Rahul Kumar Sharma

Abstract | PDF with Text

On the Performance of the Python Programming Language for Serial and Parallel Scientific Computations

Samriddha Prajapati, Chitvan Gupta

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A Review of Feature Extraction Techniques for Image Analysis

Rajkumar Goel, Vineet Kumar, Saurabh Srivastava, A. K. Sinha

Abstract | PDF with Text

Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis on Customer Review Documents- A Survey

Surya Prakash Sharma, Dr Rajdev Tiwari, Dr Rajesh Prasad

Abstract | PDF with Text