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Vol. 7, Issue 1, January 2018

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National Conference on Advancements in Information Technology

19th & 20th May 2017

Organized by: 

Department of Information Science & Engineering,

JSS Academy of Technical Education, Bengaluru 

Intelligent Traffic Lights - An IoT Approach

Yashas Y, Sowmya N S, Rekha P M

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The Growing Influence of Predictive Analytics in Various Industries

Prashasthavardhana Prahlad, Sachin K. Rai, Dr. D.V. Ashoka

Abstract | PDF with Text

Analysis of Encryption Algorithms and Deduplication Technique in Cloud

Punashri M S, Nirmala H

Abstract | PDF with Text

Opinion Analysis, Summarization and Timeline Generation for Dynamic Tweet Streams

Prateeksha M, Reshma J T, Sandesh S

Abstract | PDF with Text

Text Detection from Images using Sharpening and Blurring Technique

Ajay B N, N Swetha

Abstract | PDF with Text

Authentication using Images as Password for Providing High Security in Networks

Kavya H C

Abstract | PDF with Text

An Offline Model to Overcome Online Theft by Considering Offline Payments

Akhilesh S Basri, Govind Prasad A, Karthik S

Abstract | PDF with Text

Associating Online Networking on E-commerce: Cold-Start Item Suggestion Using Microblogging Data

Tej Prakash Choudhary, Tejinder Singh, Vipul Jain

Abstract | PDF with Text

Carbon Price of Cloud Computing.

D.V. Ashoka, Parthjeet, and Piyush Kumar

Abstract | PDF with Text

Dynamic Quad tree Mapping for Geographical Search with Keywords

Sindhushree C, Supriya S M, Suraj Wali

Abstract | PDF with Text

ISRO Awards Secure Web Application

Neelavarsha DK, Nikhil R, Nishchita A

Abstract | PDF with Text

Nanotechnology in Health Care

Ishwarya Narahari, Aravinda B S, Dr. Malini M Patil

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Predoctor Support

Priyanka G

Abstract | PDF with Text

Rapid Entire Body Postural Analysis Assessment

Mohan Kumar H U, Muralidhar K, Karthik B M

Abstract | PDF with Text

Review on Heterogeneous Network Technologies in Smart Grid

Samrin Banu, Sowmya K.N

Abstract | PDF with Text

A Robust and Reversible Watermarking Technique for Relational Data

Harish R, Vijay Kumar S

Abstract | PDF with Text

Smart and Secure Exam Management System for Mobile Learning Environment

Prashant Jha, Santosh Kumar Pandey, Sayantika Deb

Abstract | PDF with Text

Suraksha Digital Transformation to Indian Police Services

Meghana S, Hemashri R M, Aishwarya Nagesh Kamath

Abstract | PDF with Text

Video Recommendation

Ankit Agarwal, Kaveri M. Sultaniya, Mamatha.K.R

Abstract | PDF with Text

Wireless Body Area Network for Heart Attack Detection and Automatic Alert System

Pallavi Ganapati Gaonkar, Rishav Verma, Shashank K R

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