Abstract: Nowadays, people use the radio channels and phone lines to inform the department about the traffic information. These information are fed and retrieved by the radio channels to distribute all over the city. Our system completely focuses on customers, our employees, growth, innovation and efficiency. All of these elements will drive us towards success and show us as one company that can perform and give value for money. Today, Mobiles are the most easily available communication devices.Traffic control system can be automated by using the mobile based system. Every user in the system will have to register in this application. There are four types of users in this application. Traffic police after login will set the location of the signal and once its set then the data captured from their will be set in the server which will be thrown to normal users. Traffic police will have an user interface where they can punch in the current status of the traffic at that location. Similarly, all different location will set their own status and based on that the results will be shown to user. Car entry module is accessible to traffic police as well as regional police to enter the data of criminal vehicles and stolen vehicles which get stored in centralized server. So they get an option to fed in the data of car and their car number. Every toll and parking area will be using a web based system which will help them to enter the data of vehicle which is passing on from that junction. After entering the vehicle number, it will automatically check in the server whether the vehicle is clean or its involved in some or the other criminal activity. Based on it the result will be displayed on the users screen and if its really criminally involved vehicle then a provision to the user is provided that they can push a message to the concern police department. User traffic view module will facilitate the user to retrieve the data from the server and will display the live and current status of the traffic at different location.

Keywords: Smart phones ; GPS; Algorithms.