Abstract: Now days the secured data transmission and data integrity are the two challenging areas for research. This work describes the concept of data hiding using visual cryptography. Encrypted video is split into audio, video and frames using FFMPEG tool. Then randomly two frames are selected to hide secured message and image for converting this image to a grey scale and from grey scale to binary images for splitting into two shares using visual cryptography scheme. To hide steganography technique the cipher text is embedded into the two shares. Then by using invisible watermarking technique hide those two shares into the selected frames and the image is hided and finally all the frames are again converted into video using the FFMPEG tool and video is encrypted using the base64 encoder with asymmetric cryptographic technique .In the receiver system, the video was decrypted and split into frames and extracting the shares and data by selecting the frames which was watermarked.

Keywords: Data hiding, visual cryptography, paillier cryptosystem, base64 encoder with asymmetric cryptography.