Abstract: Securing data is a challenging issue in today’s era. Keeping it in mind we have proposed a new technique which is the combination of Elliptic Cryptography and image Steganography enhanced with a new secure feature for generation of a new, robust security system. Encryption is used to transmit data securely in open public networks. Each type of data has its own added features. With the evolution of internet, security of digital images has become more and more important. Therefore different techniques should be used to protect confidential image data from unauthorized access. In this paper we have encrypted data using matrix and elliptic curves and used the concept of Steganography by hiding the generated points of the encrypted data in an image. Basically we have proposed a hybrid model using public key based Elliptical Curve Cryptography (ECC) and image Steganography which provide more security than a Single ECC or Steganography methods alone. Encryption and Decryption process are given in details with example. The comparative study of proposed scheme and the existing scheme is made. Our proposed algorithm is aimed at better encryption for all types of data and the output stego images reveal that our proposed method is robust. The main objective is to help users from different community to transfer crucial information securely who are using public network for communication.

Keywords: Elliptic Curve Cryptography, Image Stegnography, Co-ordinate geometry, Prime Matrix, Mask Matrix.