Abstract: Detecting abnormalities such as venous looping or beading sis critical for early treatment as they are in most cases indication of potentially sight-threatening retinopathy. In order to utilize these useful characteristics of retinal blood vessels, it is very important to obtain their locations and shapes accurately. Blood vessels appeared as networks of either deep red or orange-red filaments that originated within the optic disc and were of progressively diminishing width. The major problem of Patients suffering from the disease over a long period of time is more likely to develop eye problems known as diabetic retinopathy. The detection of blood vessels is a major problem in the automatic processing of retinal images. On the one hand, the vessels have certain properties such as diameter which may be the key indicators in the evolution of certain retinopathies. Two major problems in the segmentation of retinal blood vessels are the presence of a wide variety of vessel widths and the heterogeneous background of the retina. The problem is to identify the segmentation of green veins and red veins in retina.

Keywords: veins, retina, abnormalities, Blood vessels etc.