Abstract: Wireless based industrial automation is a prime concern in our day-to-day life. The approach to Zigbee Based Wireless Network for Industrial Applications standardized nowadays. In this paper, we have tried to increase these standards by combining new design techniques to wireless industrial automation. The personal computer based wireless network for industrial application using Zigbee can be adopted at micro and macro Industries, it has various types of Processors and Microcontrollers. Here Microcontrollers,Sensors, Relays are used. The system is fully controlled by the Personal Computer through ADC (Analog to digital converter). All the processor and controllers are interconnected to personal computer through Zigbee. The Personal Computer will continuously monitor all the Data from remote processing unit and compare with value preloaded process structure. If any error is found the personal computer takes necessary action. Here star topology three node Zigbee network is tried. The first Zigbee is connected to the personal computer it acts as full function devices and is used to send and receive data from other nodes. The second and third Zigbee are reduced function devices and they are used to control the temperature, humidity, pressure and level respectively. All the Zigbee’s are interconnected with processing unit through RS232 protocol.

Keywords: Wireless Communication; Zigbee Network; Secured data transmission; Analog to digital converter.