Abstract: Irrigation plays an important role in crops production. Irrigation procedures are based on farmerís experience, soil properties and environmental conditions that are affected by changes in environmental conditions but these procedures are labor expensive, time consuming and wastage of the resources because it requires regular visits and attention. Therefore, adaption of technology is necessary for efficient utilization and saving of fresh water. Wireless sensor network is desirable solution for automating irrigation procedures, efficient utilizations of water and yield production etc. It presents an irrigation scheduling mechanism for the farmers having fewer resources that can be followed during four different seasons. In this paper, an effective irrigation management system is presented for various crops. It utilizes wireless sensor network for obtaining soil properties and environmental data continuously. Irrigation schedule of different plants is planned according to their requirement which is based on the data obtained from sensor nodes deployed at different locations.

Keywords: Wireless sensor networks (WSN), Environmental parameters, Container grown crops, Zigbee, Irrigation management system (IMS).