Abstract: We have entered into a new era of computing, Enterprises are clearly moving from the “kicking the tires” stages to initial implementation of cloud computing and it's all about the “cloud” where Data sharing is an important functionality in cloud storage over the internet There is a great deal of interest in better leveraging the benefits of cloud computing as Cloud computing is a model which enables universal, convenient, on-demand network access to computing resources that can be rapidly accessed and released with minimal effort or service provider interaction. Capabilities in Cloud can be rapidly and elastically provisioned – in some cases automatically – to quickly scale out and rapidly released to quickly scale in. Bandwidth allocation plays a major role in sharing the resources towards the data center networks. Server performance is the major problem in cloud computing. When multiple users requests for the same server at a time, the performance of the server degrades. So we describe a innovative method of re-arranging the bandwidth dynamically from passive users to active users and vice versa as well as some users are allocated bandwidth statically using bandwidth mutual sharing and fair sharing technique.

Keywords: Performance analysis, Bandwidth mutual sharing, Fair sharing techniques.