Abstract: A key challenge for mobile health is to develop a new technology that can assist individuals in maintaining a healthy life style. Now a days people are so busy in their daily schedules and not having enough time to contribute physically all joys & sorrows. At last they are out of society and finally nowhere in the world and went to depression. Peoples are taking odd steps in unnatural manner by facing any long depression, long frustration, cowardliness, and failures in life, related to study, related to married life as they are not getting any proper solution or consultation. If the patient is in depression status he/she has to visit hospital frequently it seems to be tiring and time consuming for both doctor and patients. Stay smiling app which will aid/assist the people who needs some counselling, the people who needs to be monitored, given special attention to come out of their stress/addiction/depression. It also aids/assists the psychiatrist or the counsellor to keep track of their patients moods, their feelings at frequent intervals through this app, give the patients motivational/inspirational videos/quotes, remind them and keep them in positive mood. When the patient repeats after 15days/1month,each and everydays feelings/moods and all the questionnaires(framed by the counsellors) answered will be accessed, for better understanding of the pattern of mood swings and how the patients more coping-up during that period. If that patient goes to long depression he/she can chat with any consultant as per the different categories and share their views so that they can get out of taking any odd steps and patients take care of them.

Keywords: Long depression, cowardliness, stress/addiction/depression, psychiatrist, counselling, Counsellor, Android.