Abstract: Abstract: Android platform is launched by Google which is a new generation of smart mobile phone platform. Android provides the support for mobile map and provides facility to link multiple website links, which is probably a concern of vast numbers of developers. Android is free and open source, providing an easy-to-use development kit containing real time information update and facility to link websites. Agro Supply Chain will be an advisory and information system for the farmers. Agro Supply Chain will be available on mobile phones, which will be designed for farmers to help them stay on track, avoid troubles, manage their expenses in cultivation, receive all the latest and updated information, government schemes and strategies related to the field of agriculture along with suppliers details for sugarcane. The advisory system will enable its users to receive real-time and interactive advices and alerts on crop. Different alerts will be provided for plantation, insects, diseases and nutrition. Farmers will also receive regular pest, disease alerts and market price information to support on-farm decision making.

Keywords: Budget Calculator, Schedule Calculator.