Abstract: Application areas of signal processing have grown dramatically in importance in recent times, in parallel with the growth of powerful and low-cost processing chips. This has led, in turn, to many new applications, including multimedia delivery and hand-held communications delivery. Image processing is one an important application among them, which has a strong mathematical basis. Specifically authors demonstrate point processes which use only the information in individual pixels to produce new images. Arithmetic operations, XOR operations, histograms, contrast stretching and intensity transformations are implemented using Xilinx System Generator (XSG). XSG is a useful tool to understand fundamental Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms for Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) implementation. FPGAs provide a better platform for real-time algorithms on application-specific hardware with substantially greater performance than programmable DSPs. The study reveals that the hardware implementation results which are presented here will be extended to perform hardware-in-the-loop simulation.

Keywords: Image Processing, Point Processing, Xilinx System Generator, FPGA.