Abstract: SaaS is used by most of the applications run under any project. The SaaS providers charge the companies and the SaaS users for the same. Bills and invoices are produced based on the usage and sent to the users. The accounting team solves the hassle of sorting and compiling the invoices and paying them. SAASPRIN is the software for the automation of this very process of attending and calculating the amount to be paid mentioned in these invoices. Considering the logical flow of data there are many factors which have been taken care of in designing of Saasprin. Analysis of which regular expressions to be used for scraping the relevant data from the invoices, which all methodologies can be employed for effective and self-explanatory representations of bill amounts and expenses are few among such factors .Also cost effective and fast cryptographic algorithm have been analyzed and used for better security and privacy. Saasprin is made as an open source software and can be customized as per the user requirements.

Keywords: Saasprin; Saas;Regular expression