Abstract: Steganography is one of the most powerful techniques to conceal the existence of hidden secret data inside a cover object. Images are the most popular cover objects for Steganography and in this work image steganography is adopted. Embedding secret information inside images requires intensive computations and therefore designing Steganography in hardware speeds up Steganography. This is implemented using ARM7TDMI processor. Steganography differs from cryptography in the sense that where cryptography focuses on keep in the contents of a message secret, steganography focuses on keeping the existence of a message secret. This paper intends to offer a state of the art overview of the LSB algorithms used for image steganography to illustrate the security potential of steganography for business and personal use. After the overview it briefly reflects on the introduction to embedded system used in this paper i.e. ARM. The Least Significant Bit embedding technique suggests that data can be hidden in the least significant bits of the cover image and the human eye would be unable to notice the hidden image in the cover file. This technique can be used for hiding images in 24-Bit, 8-Bit, Gray scale format. This paper explains the LSB embedding technique and Presents the evaluation for various file Formats.

Keywords: Steganography, LSB Algorithm.