Abstract: Microstrip Patch Antennas have made great progress in recent years and are one of the most important printed antennas for wireless applications ranging from GSM, WLAN, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max to mid and long-range RADAR tracking. Microstrip antennas have many advantages with respect to conventional antennas, which include smaller size, low cost, ease of fabrication and integration with MMIC, as well as ease of obtaining circular polarization using dual-feed or slotted patch structures. Recently, those same properties, with additional size reduction using high dielectric constant materials, have made patch antennas common in handsets, GPS receivers and other mass-produced wireless products. This paper mainly concentrates on the length and width parameters optimization of an inset-fed rectangular patch antenna with resonating frequency 3 GHz, using Hooke-Jeeves Pattern Search Algorithm for minimized VSWR as well as Return Loss. The patch antenna designs as well as optimizations are done using Ansoft HFSS 13.

Keywords: Pattern Search Algorithm, Optimization, Patch Antenna, VSWR, Return Loss