Abstract: Wireless device Networks (WSNs) unit of measurement a main think about several area. zigbee routing protocol does not provide the precise path and restricted link throughout a} terribly tree topology. zigbee tree routing as AN flinch like orphan node , traffic and detour approach flinch .The node that ineffectual to urge the network address from his people is termed as orphan node .We used a mechanism(DAAM) to beat these flinch, there is 3 method: Two-LAYER DAAM uses stratified theme such the 16-bit short address is split into 2 elements. The utilized in master layer, and collectively the tiniest quantity necessary bits in slave layer. as associate example, if the foremost vi bits forms the master-layer and collectively the rest ten bits constitutes the slave layer, LDAAM it\'s accustomed calculate the data of node that is in tree based totally to remain with the house between every node , RSSI is use to the measurement that utilized at intervals the positioning of device network.

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