Abstract: When the network administrator is placed near the LAN, He/she will be able to take care of all the activities of LAN. What if he/she is to monitor a LAN consisting of hundreds of machines? It is easy to monitor the work of the sub ordinates when the supervisor or manager is in the same physical location as that of the sub ordinates. However, if the managing authority is situated somewhere else apart from the location of its team, it is a tedious task to monitor its activities. The system proposed in this documentcan be used to monitor the LAN of an organization. The system proposed in this document provides an integrated solution wherein the work of the team members situated in a LAN can be monitored through the mobile phone of the manager without the notice of the members thereby improvising the productivity of the team. This system can also be used in a corporate training center where all the training activities are online. By using this Mobile LAN-Controller system, the trainers/invigilators can keep a watch on the whereabouts of the trainee employees.

Keywords: LAN, GSM, J2ME, Client, Server.