Abstract: In this paper, we introduce a hand gesture recognition system to recognize real time gesture in unconstrained environments. Many approaches to gesture recognition have been developed. Present an extensive review of existing technique for interpretation of hand gestures. A large variety of techniques have been used for modelling the hand. Building applications with OpenCV inside MS Visual Studio 2010. The main aim of the system is to use the most natural form i.e., hand gestures to interact with the computer system. These gestures would be implemented such that they are easy to perform, fast, efficient and ensuring an immediate response. Various UI controls and operating system applications like VLC Media Player and MS PowerPoint can be operated using the hand gestures. Extended implementation can include extending to other OS applications and/or web-based deployment. Some of the applications include automated homes, operating visual devices like television solely with gestures and also medical applications like that implemented at the Ben Gurion University which enables doctors to manipulate digital images during medical procedures using hand gestures instead of touch screens or keyboards owing to sterile human- machine interfaces.

Keywords: OpenCV, Visual Studio C++, Gesture, Recognition.