Abstract: Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) consists of number of sensor nodes which arranged in the wireless communication for transfer the data to avoid energy consumption. It provides the service to the network user to share the data between the users. With better transfer of data it must contains better energy consumption, and also to avoid the traffics. To achieve this better transferring of data many strategies were designed like mobile sink protocol and some other strategies were developed to transfer data through cluster node in the mobile sink approach. They were concentrated only on the transfer of data problem but failed to concentrate the energy consumption while routing. For this analysis, this survey we analyzed how to consume the energy of the each cluster nodes by electing Mobile Sink Nodes (MSN) in WSN. Mobile Sink is one which has a long-lasting life for transfer data from source to destination node in WSN. For this approach this survey shows the various researchers issues and their benefits.

Keywords: WSN, Energy efficient, Mobile Sink, Cluster node and Data transfer.