Abstract: This paper presents the design of circular Microstrip patch antenna (CMPA) and rectangular Microstrip patch antenna (RMPA) with DGS, stub and slots and experimentally studied. Both patch are designed on a Roger RT/duroid 5880(tm) with relative permittivity 2.2. In the absence of DGS, stub and slots, both structure found to resonant at 5.2 GHz. After introducing all these, the CMPA found to resonant at 2.4GHz with bandwidth 60MHz (2.37-2.44 GHz) and RMPA found at 2.5GHz with bandwidth 13MHz (2.44-2.57 GHz). Simulated results show the favourable characteristics in the resonating frequency. The main attractive features for both antennas are miniaturization of near about 117% with simple structure. Both modelled antennas find its applications in wireless communication.

Keywords: DGS, Miniaturization, Return loss, Radiation pattern, Stub, CMPA, RMPA