Abstract: Security of telemedicine information is an uncompromising issue as this is a matter of life risk. Outdated security standards affect the overall efficiency of telemedicine system. Recent studies on latest telemedicine security research shows that only 61% proposed a solution and 20% of these tested the security solutions that they proposed. In this paper a new methodology is proposed for ECG telemedicine system using advance technology. In this new technique ECG data is digitally signed and stored in Sedna XML database before sending to doctor.Medical care is only provided by the physician only after successful data retrieval with valid authentication. Subsequently the proposed technique is tested with 30 sample ECG medical records and evaluated by comparing the results from both traditional and proposed new ECG telemedicine system with XML Digital Signature. Initial finding shows promising result; the new security scheme reduced the security risk to 3.33% only from 20%

Keywords: XML; Digital Signature; Sedna; Telemedicine; ECG; Pushmodel; XCA