Abstract: Software-as-a-service (SaaS) offers the consumer to utilize the providerís applications working on a cloud infrastructure. All the applications are easily reached from different client devices from a client interface like a web browser. With the Software-as-a-service model, the consumer has slight or no authority how input information is computed, but must be capable to contain confidence in the cloud providerís liability and fulfilment or can organize which input he/she provides to a Software-as-a-service. Firstly user can avoid providing sensible data to the SaaS. Secondly user might be capable to safeguard the sensible data before providing it as input to Software-as-a-service. In the existing system the attackers can escape the detection if they attack only a few service functions. So, in order to overcome this limitation the proposed system will limit the attack scope using integrity attestation on the service components by doing this it will be difficult to attack the popular service functions. By doing this the attackers can be easily pinpointed. Using integrity attestation on service components will improve privacy and the computation time will be reduced to greater extent. The proposed system will also provide result auto correction to automatically correct compromised results to improve the result quality.

Keywords: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, VMs, ASP.