Abstract: Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks have gained great attention in recent years due to their ability to offer effective and economical solutions in a variety of fields. Energy saving is the critical issue while designing the mobile wireless sensor networks. In order to enhance the network lifetime there are many routing protocols have been developed. One of these is clustering based in which network is partitioned into small clusters and each cluster is examined and controlled by a single node called Cluster Head (CH). An efficient method for clustering and appropriate cluster head election can drastically reduce the energy consumption and enhance the lifetime of the network. In this paper, a modified fuzzy C-means clustering method for uniformly cluster the sensor nodes and reduce the transmission distance, and a dual stage fuzzy logic approach for cluster head election is proposed. The proposed protocol selects the nodes with the highest residual energy, lowest mobility, highest node concentration and least distance from the center of the cluster as CH. The simulation results showed the proposed protocol improvement over the previous works in this field, LEACH-M and LEACH-ME in terms of number of alive nodes; the first node dies in LEACH-M and LEACH-ME at round 12 and 16 while the first node dies in proposed proactive and reactive protocol at round 30 and 61, number of times cluster head failed in transmission, average energy consumption, packet delivery ratio and the total number of packets transmitted. Finally, the proposed protocol is evaluated and compared with LEACH-M and LEACH-ME in MATLAB.

Keywords: Mobile Wireless Sensor Network, Fuzzy logic, Modified Fuzzy C-means, Energy-efficient, Network lifetime.