Abstract: In recent years Delay Tolerant Networking (DTN) has emerged as a new area of research with many promising application. Delay tolerant networks are characterized by frequent network partitioning, intermittent network connectivity, long and variable delays, and high error rates. Such performance challenging conditions can be found in many different environments such as vehicular networks (VANET), in-the-field military or disaster-relief networks, satellite and deep-space interplanetary networks, terrestrial networks serving remote or rural areas. Interesting real-life experiments comprise bus-based DTN networks, sensor networks for wildlife tracking, internet access to remote villages in underdeveloped countries. In this paper an attempt has been made to survey on DTN having some basic features with new architecture which support a securable routing mechanism for an effective data packets forwarding. This paper also discussed about different types of protocols of delay tolerant network to support for the establishment of end-to-end connection effectively where mobile Adhoc networks fails.

Keywords: DTN, Store-carry-forward, Forwarding, Flooding, Routing Protocol.