Abstract: In this paper we design Noise Amplifier (LNA) at 2.47 GHz frequency for WLAN application. LNA is used to amplify very weak signal i.e it increases the strength of signal before it can be send to other parts of the receiver. A good LNA has large gain and low noise figure (NF) and low power consumption. LNA is the second element in the receiver section after antenna. In this paper we have tried to design LNA Using 90 nm technology so our length is 90 nm and width is varied to obtain desired value of current. In IC designing current value depends on length and width ratio. For simulation purpose “ADVANCED DESIGN SYSTEM” tool was used. ADS is easy to understand and user friendly tool. For proposed LNA supply voltage is 1.2 V. The LNA provides a good gain of 14.0 dB, a noise figure of 0.5 dB, reverse isolation (S12) of -3 dB, and input return loss (S11) of -10 dB.

Keywords: ADS, Gain, LNA, Noise figure, reverse isolation, input return loss.