Abstract: Wireless communication has gained popularity in recent year; vital exploration has been dedicated to sustaining an authentic time transmission with stringent nature of quality of accommodation requisites for wireless or remote applications. Simultaneously, a wireless or remote network of hybrid that incorporates a remote or wireless mobile Adhoc system and an infrastructure system has ended up being a superior option for the development of next generation wireless network. In hybrid network the present work are to reserve the assets for QoS path which acquires the invalid reservation and race condition quandaries. And additionally, it doesn’t assure the QoS. The QoS oriented distributed routing protocol (QOD) is tended to alter the QoS in hybrid wireless networks and to lesson transmission delay. Furthermore, wireless network transmission throughput is increased. QoS gives high performance regarding overhead, transmission delay, mobile resilience and scalability.

Keywords: Mobile Adhoc Network, Hybrid Wireless Network; QOD Protocol; Quality of Service.