Abstract: This study is carried out to generate the detail temporal landslide inventory and vulnerability assessment of the possible landslide hazardous regions over the Pouri Garhwal of Uttarakhand. In relation to hazards and disas-ters, vulnerability is a concept that links the relationship that people have with their environment to social forces and institutions and the cultural values that sustain and contest them. The high resolution Quick Bird image is used for landslide mapping in large scale. In addition to that the IRS P6 LISS-IV images are used for improvement of spectral characteristic of the PAN image. This vulnerability is estimated on the parameters which are majorly susceptible to landslides i.e., moderate soil erosion, moderate & deep soil depth, loamy soil texture, excessively drained soil and high slope. This is observed that total 84 watersheds are highly vulnerable for landslide and some are partial areas of Tal nadi, Sukhrao, Paschmi Nayar and Purvi Nayar region of study area.

Keywords: Pauri Garhwal Region, Landslide Vulnerability, Quick Bird Image.