Abstract: The increasing growth for widespread wireless communication system demands stronger coding scheme to reduce the signal deterioration during its transmission, generally without facilitating to the expensive hardware materials. Turbo code is a forward error correcting code. It mainly consists of RSC encoder, an interleaver in the encoder part and SISO module used in decoder part. The code performance is mainly based on design of an interleaver. The encoder uses multi tent map and inverse multi tent map structure for generating chaotic like samples. The chaotic sequence corresponds to the dynamics of tent map and they are used in engineering applications. For chaos based Turbo decoding, maximum a posteriori algorithm also known as BCJR algorithm, which is based on trellis coded estimation algorithm. It uses SISO module, is a soft decision decoder it performs the decoding operation in an iterative scheme.

Keywords: Turbo code, Interleaver, Chaos, Tent map, Soft decision .