Abstract: In cellular mobile communication networks, call blocking of originating calls and forced termination of handoff requests, are the main performance metrics in view of traffic considerations and they determine the Quality of Service (QoS). Assuming that call arrival processes both new and handoff are Poisson. Call service time distributions and cell residence times are typically allowed to follow arbitrary distributions due to the well-known insensitivity property of loss queuing systems. This paper aims to compare in terms of probability of blocking, which queuing system is more suitable at Mobile Switching Centre (MSC) by analysing queuing of originating calls and queuing of handoff calls using MATLAB. In this paper we provide numerical solutions for new and handoff calls blocking probabilities with arbitrary handoff inter arrival time distribution. The results can be seen as a generalization of the work by W.C.Y. Lee. This work can be used for more accurate shaping of cellular systems with realistic traffic.

Keywords: Quality of service, Originating calls, Handoff calls, Queuing, Call blocking probability, Mobile Switching Centre.