Abstract: Monsoon forecasting is the most considerable factor which determines the prosperity and refrain of the agronomics. In the cultivated land India, the heightening of vegetation and the stagnation of seasonal crops and water curtailment are the most viewed topics which have to be look after in a serious way. Rainfall is one of the most entangled processes to be look after for the runoff for foretelling also we have to be vigilant in the usage of water. Water should be used with alert minds so that is no wasted. Also proper management of water is needed. Rainfall prediction acts as a blessing as it gives information about the occurrence of rain and by that knowledge we can predict about the seasonal products. There is needed to be predicting the rainfall. For this we use the Adaptive Neuro-fuzzy inference system approach developed by the integration of fuzzy logic and Artificial Neural Network. After collecting the facts and figures of low rainfall region the proposed technique would be applied and the results are calculated. The outcomes are then compared with the previous data. We get more accurate and precise results for rainfall prediction of low rainfall region.

Keywords: Neuro Fuzzy, Inference Rules, Neural Network, Fuzzy logic, Estimation.