Abstract: In wireless sensor network have secure routing protocols, such as the security-aware ad hoc routing, can be used to defend against black hole and wormhole attacks. Also use the cluster method. A cluster based routing algorithm to extend the lifetime of the networks and to maintain a balanced energy consumption of nodes. To obtain it, we add a small slot in a round frame, which is enables to exchange the remaining energy messages between the base station (BS), cluster heads, and nodes. If an end-to-end path with the required security attributes can be found, the destination will generate a packet with the specific security metric. Clustering of nodes is one of the most effective approaches for conserving energy in wireless sensor networks (WSNs). The multi-event sources in the design of clustering protocols. Energy efficient cluster algorithm is proposed that aims to conserve the energy of sensor nodes in the presence of network. It is achieved by considering two design factors; (1) electing an appropriate high energy node to function as cluster-head, (2) limiting the number of sub-clusters in the network. Performance evaluation results show that EECSA improves the stability and energy conservation of the wireless sensor networks. In our proposed system take two types of considerations based on sleep state and active state. The nodes that are not involved in the transmission are made to be in sleep state and are awakened whenever necessary. The estimation of the highest energy level and least hop count is also considered. Results have take some parameters like throughput, Packet end-to-end delay, network load are to be taken.

Keywords: WSN, BS, EECSA, Data Clustering.