Abstract: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, also called Enterprise Systems (ES) are among the most important business information technologies that emerged during the last decade. While no two industries ERP systems are the same, the basic concept of ERP systems is focused on standardization and synchronization of information, and as a result, improved efficiency and output. To implement an integrated system of materials management, there must be a central database wherein anyone in the company can find out all information about any material passing through the plant. ERP streamlines all the business functionalities and gives desired result in one click. Customization and configuration are parts of ERP implementation process. ERPs are always configured, and usually customized, when implemented. An ERP system can help to improve the communication within an organization. SAP is a state-of–the-art software for ERP implementation and customization. SAP is user friendly i.e. information will be obtained as and when required. We have adopted a case study approach for this paper. For this we have taken case study of Chhattisgarh State Government owned power company named as Chhattisgarh State Electricity Board(CSEB). In this paper, we have concentrated mainly on selected functionalities of Material Management module that are necessary for power industries of Chhattisgarh state for customization of SAP ERP software.

Keywords: Enterprise Resource Planning, System Application and Products, Materials Management Module, Customization, SAP R/3.