Abstract: The advancements in the information and communication (ICT) technologies have made it possible to test and verify any sort of system before deploying it into the real time environment. The verification and validation (V&V) tools and techniques have also helped in minimizing the risk of the project failure or application. In the recent year, it has been observed that the artificial intelligence and multi agent models have being gaining importance due to the high requirements for the automation of systems or environments. In this research paper, we have presented a system design approach for the verification and validation (V&V) of agent based model and software application. The proposed solution of the E-VOMAS approach is based on the system layered architecture. The E-VOMAS approach can be utilized for the verification and validation (V&V) of the agent based model and software engineering applications. The simulation has been tested using the agent based models. The multi agent meeting scheduling model has been utilized for the simulation and testing of the E-VOMAS Approach. To demonstrate the effectiveness of Multi agent meeting scheduling system and E-VOMAS approach, we will show its broad applicability in a wide variety of simulation models ranging from social sciences to computer networks in spatial and non-spatial conceptual models.

Keywords: Verification and validation (V&V), E-VOMAS, Agent-based Model, Information and communication (ICT), software engineering.