Abstract: The work relates the area of Steganography, network protocols and security for data hiding in communication networks. Hiding information in network traffic may lead to leakage of confidential information. Steganography is defined as the art and science of hiding information, which is a process that involves hiding a message in an appropriate carrier for example an image file. The carrier can then be sent to a receiver without anyone else knowing that it contains a hidden message. Implementation of new Steganography, the PadSteg (Padding Steganography) system is implemented. It is the first information hiding solution which represents inter-protocol Steganography i.e. usage of relation between two or more protocols from the TCP/IP stack to enable secret communication. PadSteg utilizes ARP and TCP protocols together with an Ether leak vulnerability (improper Ethernet frame padding) to facilitate secret communication for hidden groups in LANs (Local Area Networks). Proposed work is to confirm that PadSteg is feasible in today’s network and it provides more security within secret group.

Keywords: Steganography, ARP, improper padding, Ether leak vulnerability.