Abstract: Image segmentation play a crucial role in effective understanding of digital images. Past few decades saw hundred of research contribution in this field. Image segmentation is an important technology for image processing which aims at partitioning the image into different homogeneous regions or clusters. Graph cut is fast method performing a binary segmentation. Graph cuts proved to be a useful multidimensional optimization tool which can enforce piecewise smoothness while preserving relevant sharp discontinuities. This paper is mainly intended as an application of isoperimetric algorithm of graph theory for image segmentation and analysis of different parameters used in the algorithm like generating weights, regulates the execution, Connectivity Parameter, cutoff, number of recursions. The First which present a segmentation algorithm within a frame work which is independent of the feature used and enhance the correctness and stability with respect to parameter of different images. In this paper image segmentation using graph cut method which finds parameter psnr, RI, gce, voi.

Keywords: Graph cut method, isoperimetric approach, psnr, RI, gce, voi.