Abstract: ECG (Electrocardiogram) recognition and monitor are the only way to trace and determine heart Diseases. ECG monitors with features such as portable, wireless, user friendly, low-cost and convenient at home, are necessary . This paperís aim is to investigate wireless Body area network co- operation for human movement tracking and ECG measurements, which are believed to provide patients with easy healthcare for continuous health-monitoring. In addition, taking periodic medical readings at home or in the office will aid physicians to periodically supervise the patientís medical status without having to see the patient. The collected measurement data will be processed using specially designed software, which will help sending a medical record of the patient to an electronic device in the acquisition of the physician. Palm, mobile phone and PC could be acting as display and relay terminals, through which ECG signals would be transmitted to data center which is in the hospital through network.

Keywords: Wearable ECG, Signal Averaging, Baseline Drift, Matched Filtering.