Abstract: This paper studies broadcast in ZigBee Network efficiently and simple way. In ZigBee Network, ZigBee Alliance specifies ZigBee specification and used with IEEE 802.15.4 Standard. ZigBee specification is used for network and application layers and IEEE 802.15.4 Standard is used for physical layer and MAC (Medium Access Control) layer.Since in general ad hoc networks,find minimum number ofthe rebroadcast nodes is NP-hard, which employs current broadcast protocols either employ extra knowledge such as information of 2-hop neighbor or position. However, the ZigBee network is mainly characterized as low cost, low data rate and low power consumption. ZigBee network cannot give information of 2-hop neighbor or position, but it needs an efficient broadcast algorithmto reduce the rebroadcast nodes with limited storage space and computation complexity. In this paper, Self-Pruning and Forward Node Selection algorithm is studied and usedfor exploiting the space of hierarchical address in ZigBee networks. Inthese algorithms, only information of 1-hop neighbor is required and without exchanges any messages between neighboring nodes, 2-hopneighbors’s partial list is derived. The ZigBee Forward Node Selection algorithm is also studied in this paper. This algorithm is used for finding the minimum rebroadcast nodes with memory space and polynomial computation time.

Keywords: WPAN (Wireless Personal Area Network), PHY (Physical Layer), MAC (Medium Access Control), FFD (Full Function Devices), RFD (Reduced Function Devices), CSMA/CA (Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Avoidance).