Abstract: In this paper, we have made a comprehensive BER simulation study to evaluate the performance of Downlink DAS Group Cell scheme based MIMO OFDMA Wireless Communication System on secure color image transmission. The 4-by-4 multi antenna supported simulated system incorporates various signal detection techniques such as Minimum mean square error (MMSE) , Zero-Forcing (ZF), Zero-Forcing successive interference cancellation(ZF-SIC) Minimum mean square error successive interference cancellation(MMSE-SIC) and digital modulation schemes( QPSK, QAM and 16PSK and 16QAM) and Turbo channel coding for forward error correction. From MATLAB based study, it has been explored that the applicability of MMSE signal detection technique with QAM digital modulation in the presently considered Turbo encoded simulated system is very much effective and robust in retrieving transmitted color image.

Keywords: MIMO, OFDMA, BER, DAS, Group Cell, MMSE, MMSE-SIC, ZF, and ZF-SIC.