Abstract: Wireless sensor network is numerous exercises utilized as a part of our society, so they have turn into the epic technology. Numerous utilization of wireless sensor network is requires the area of a sensor system. Node localization is usually utilized in wireless network. It is used to enhance routing what's more, upgrade security. Localization algorithms can be distributed as rang-free or rang-based. Rang-based algorithms use area measurements. Range-based algorithms use location metrics such as ToA, TDoA, RSS, and AoA to estimate the distance between two nodes. In this paper, Authors proposed a new range-based algorithm which is based on the Genetic Algorithm. A Genetic Algorithm for wireless sensor network limitation is proposed to tackle the issue that the situating precision is low with least grapple hubs or nodes. Thus in this paper authors are displaying a Genetic Algorithm for advancement approach which tries to locate the ideal area by fulfilling both the criteria or techniques (TOA, AOA) with minimal error.

Keywords: WSN, AOA, TOA, TDOA, RSSI.