Abstract: Images are one of the prominent techniques to transfer the data between the sender and the receiver. Most of the information is transmitted in electronic form which needs more security. Cryptography is the art and science of transmitting the data to the receiver in unclear meaningless format. In order to ensure the information security, image encryption technology has aroused much interest in both research and application fields. Cryptography is the discipline of codes to encrypt data into an unreadable format that only the targeted recipient can decrypt and read. Encryption is a common technique to protect image security privacy. Matrix operations are widely used in many cryptography algorithms to solve the difficulty in means of speed and time. This paper embrace a new encryption method for satellite based images which are combined of versatile composition. The encryption for the satellite images in this paper consists of the division of image into matrix and then, the elementary row and column operations are considered. The results show enhanced performance in a variety of parameters. The grouping of basic matrix form and elementary row operations yields good results and better image encryption methods compared to existing works.

Keywords: Satellite image, Image Encryption, Matrix form, Elementary Row Operations, Elementary Column Operation.