Abstract: Automation is the need of Twenty first century. New technology innovations give the better solutions to our everyday life. Banking system is one of the important social systems. So it needs more advanced security system. Programmable System on Chip is one of the advanced technological innovations. This technology is used here for implementation. Two phase detection algorithm is developed for implementation. Motion detection sensor will detect an unwanted motion in bank locker room. IR proximity sensor will detect further motion and differ it to the human motion or robotic motion. This will come in second phase detection. PSoC chip will detect this input signals and according to that it will send message via GSM module to the respective person. Other system activations also will take place such as door locking system, poisonous gas release mechanism etc. We can implement such kind of output via relay module. This system is tested with output as buzzer and GSM message and found working properly.

Keywords: PSoC, IR Proximity, GSM, Two phase detection.