Abstract: This system combines algorithmssuitable for locations with and without road side units. It is the integration of the vehicle to vehicle(V2V) and vehicle to road side unit(V2R) communication. The V2V algorithm uses the signal messages to acquire the information of the neighbors, broadcast the messages and acquire acknowledgements. Connected dominating set (CDS) is calculated and CDS nodes use a shorter waiting period before possible retransmission. At time-out vehicle retransmits if there is at least one neighbor in need of the message. The road side units (RSU) have a high range of communication. Thus V2R algorithm disseminates data faster. RSU is also used to reduce the redundant retransmissions. The integration of V2V and V2R communication is beneficial due to the fact that V2R provides better service sparse networks and long distance communication, whereas V2V enables direct communication for small to medium distances/areas and at locations where roadside access points are not available.

Keywords: Broadcasting, CDS, data dissemination, NES, RSU, vehicular ad-hoc networks.