Abstract: Medical Image Processing is one of the most challenging topics in research areas. This paper proposes an approach to detect enchondroma tumor in MR images. Enchondroma is a solitary, benign, intramedullary cartilage tumor that is usually located in the short tubular bones of the hands and the feet, the distal femur, the proximal humerus, and other bones. A proposed approach integrates some pre-processing techniques such as the average filter and the bilateral filter in order to remove noise and to smooth images. This will increase the quality of the image so that they are suitable for segmentation as well as morphological operations that will be used to eliminate false segments. Used to our approach in this paper. We used Matlab software with Graphical User Interface to develop an application that will detect and segment enchondroma precisely from the sequence of MR images. This application will discard the images which do not have a tumor in the final result.

Keywords: Enchondroma, MRI images, Image Processing, Matlab and Segmentation.