Abstract: One of important concept to design antenna is that antenna have small size. For mobile applications, one may want that antenna must have small size and must be capable to resonate at multiple frequency bands. There are number of techniques that can be useful for designing of antenna which include making use of fractal geometry, use of slot and DGS.. In this paper, T-shaped Patch antenna has been designed and fractal geometry has been applied to it in order to obtain self-similar characteristics. square. Patch length has been taken as square of length 36mm. Dimension of ground has been taken as been taken as 50 mm. The substrate used in this paper is FR-4. Parametric analysis has been applied in terms of changing microstrip line, feed point, thickness and geometry. Antenna resonates at three bands with return loss of 3.9 GHz, 4.5 GHz and 6.1 GHz. This antenna had return loss of -14.34 dB, -14.40 dB and -25.85 dB with bandwidth of 100 MHz, 110 MHz and 200 MHz at resonant frequencies. Further this antenna has good gain of 3.5dBi, 3.6 dBi and 6.1 dBi at corresponding frequencies. This antenna can b useful for Wi-Max and WLAN applications.

Keywords: Wireless applications, WLAN, Fractal Microstrip Patch Antenna