Abstract: Internal crimes in banking industry are issues that face customers, bank employers and employees. A lot of internal criminal activities have been recorded in banking industry. Securing banking software from unauthorized access, unauthorized modification, unauthorized fund transfer and withdrawal has been a challenge. The researchers in this work responded to this challenge by developing a two-tier authentification system that is to be attached to the main banking software. This system uses magnetic featured staff identity card for identification and fingerprint biometric for authentication. The techniques of the Object Oriented Analysis and Design Methodology (OOADM) and the prototyping methodology were adopted for the systematic study and design of the system. The system was designed and implemented in Microsoft Visual C# development environment. The system was featured to interface with magnetic card and fingerprint readers. The result is a two-tier authentifiation system that would act as access control tool for the main banking software. An employee requesting for access into the banking software is expected to pass magnetic featured staff identity card check and fingerprint matching check. This will go a long way in reducing internal banking fraud.

Keywords: Authentification, Banking, Biometrics, Fraud, Internal, Template.