Abstract: Electronics commerce is mostly welcome, with the increasing use of mobile devices and electronic payments. Shopping nowadays usually involves waiting in line to get your products scanned for checkout which can result in a great deal of wasted time for customers. RFID holds great promise in the retail world, for both customers and stores in inventory control, due to itís relentlessly advantages over the conventional approach. This technology offers the customers a choice to pay the bill amount either by using mobile phone, through SMS, or at the billing counter. The proposed system for payment using mobile contains 3 main components: User Interface & Display component, Server Communication component and Billing & Inventory Management component. As the product with the RFID tag is put in the trolley, the cost of the product gets added to the billing amount. Thus, the bill is generated at the trolley itself and displayed on the alphanumeric 16 x 2 LCD display, saving the time required for scanning at the counters. The billing amount will be transferred to billing server by wireless Zigbee transmitter. The Zigbee receiver is connected to the Server using USB. At the server, GSM modem is used to communicate with the customerís mobile phone. Thus, this paper deals with developing a Smart Shopping Trolley, a system that makes the payment faster by avoiding the need to go to the billing counters for payment, allowing faster check-out.

Keywords: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Reader & tags, Wireless Zigbee Module, Microcontroller, Server database, Mobile, GSM Modem, LCD