Abstract: The enormous issue is the discovery of newer threats and different forms of attack, there by compromising the security of the system. In this paper, we first analysis the most relevant concepts underlying the view of network vulnerabilities and summarize the most known technique called Attack Injection Tool. We propose an approach to identification of potential vulnerabilities and evaluate software components security mechanisms using the composite fault prototypical. The approach and tool is based on the awareness that inserting potentially dangerous susceptibilities in a network server and web application by analysing the assessment of existing security mechanisms and tools in convention situations. This methodology is designed for the detection of vulnerability in the software components in a proposed approach design called the Susceptibilities Detection Approach (SDA) that behaves like hackers and security analyst for the discovery of susceptibility in the network connected servers. The analysis and design methodology thereby showed that this approach can be used to identify the vulnerability.

Keywords: Network Susceptibilities, Injection Attack, Communication Protocol Servers, Susceptibilities Detection Approach, Composite Fault Prototype.