Abstract: : The fundamental principal behind this work is to obtain a system that is low cost and a budget wireless data acquisition and monitoring solution for small enterprises. The representation of the system is done using two individual modules, one representing the site called Remote Node and another is to monitor and control all the parameter associated with the remote node called as Access Monitor. The system is designed such that it is easy to implement for small industries as well as can be improved to be used for larger industries with increased input and output parameters. This paper is to represent an embedded communication system developed to be used in any kind of industry who cannot spend more on their monitoring & data logging assets. The system having a master and several slave modules is the idea behind this work with introduction to online data logging mechanism simultaneous to the wireless communication for monitoring. The master is having a LCD display to indicate all real time parameters received through the communicating nodes, and also having alarm system whenever the process value crosses the set point. In the slave node the transducers are connected to the wireless network via microcontroller, the microcontroller is interfaced with micro-SD card for onsite data logging and report generation purpose. Industrial parameters like Temperature, Pressure Level etc., are converted to electrical parameters like voltage and current. This electrical signal is processed at the node itself and an actual value is generated. This is then processed in the microcontroller and the same is stored in the node memory space with the real time stamp, simultaneously the data processed is communicated to the wireless network and displayed on the LCD display board that is the Access Monitor.

Keywords: Real time systems, wireless monitoring, time stamping, data acquisition, micro-SD card, ADC, LCD.