Abstract: Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) is one of the upgrading technologies to afford a service to the network users. WSN is used to sensing the node to transfer the data among the network sensor nodes. While transferring the data in the sensor node they were faced many issues occurred due to the reasons of power failure, noise volatility, which harmfully influence the coverage of the WSNs. These problems were occurred due to the coverage problem among the nodes and also node deployment is also a major issue in WSN. To solve this problem many approaches where proposed like Dense sensor node deployment, Battery-powered sensor nodes, Self-configurable, Severe energy, computation, and storage constraints. They were provided some of the drawbacks to sensing the node in the network. In this survey we analyzed various authors’ techniques and also we analyzed how to sense the node in the network.

Keywords: WSN, Mobile Sensing node, Node Deployment, Data transfer and Energy conservation.