Abstract: With the rapid development of technologies based on Web service, large quantities of Web services are available on the Internet. Web service recommendation aims at helping users in designing and developing service-oriented software systems. How to recommend web services with better QoS value receives a lot of attention. The modern information systems on the Internet are services integrated software components for the support of interoperable machine to machine interaction over a network. Web services have been widely employed for building service-oriented applications in both industry and academia in recent years. The number of publicly available Web services is steadily increasing on the Internet. However, this proliferation makes it hard for a user to select a proper Web service among a large amount of service candidates. An inappropriate service selection may cause many problems (e.g. ill-suited performance) to the resulting applications. In this system, we propose a location-aware Web service recommender system which helps users to select services with optimal Quality-of-Service (QoS) performance. Our recommender system employs the location information and QoS values to cluster users and services, and makes personalized service recommendation for users based on the clustering results.

Keywords: Web service, service recommendation, quality of service (QoS), service selection.